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One Million Species Will Disappear — If We Let Them


May 12, 2019
When the findings of a landmark UN report on biodiversity came out last week, the headlines ran the gamut from depressing to apocalyptic. One million species face extinction, readers were told. Almost a third of the world’s reef-forming coral species, more than a third of its marine mammals, and 40 percent of its amphibian species could die out. And that’s just the number of species. 

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Life as We Know It

The New York Times

May 11, 2019
Our planet has suffered five mass extinctions, the last of which occurred about 66 million years ago […] A few years ago, in a book called “The Sixth Extinction,” the writer Elizabeth Kolbert warned of a devastating sequel, with plant and animal species on land and sea already disappearing at a ferocious clip, their habitats destroyed or diminished by human activities.

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The Guardian view on extinction: time to rebel

The Guardian

May 7, 2019
We humans pride ourselves on our ability to look beyond immediate concerns and think on a grander scale. […] Yet we are often poor at focusing on and understanding the things which really matter. A new mass extinction is under way, and this time we are mostly responsible. The new UN Global Assessment Report warns that a million plant and animal species are at risk of being wiped out.

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Eden no more

Science Advances

May 6, 2019
Tom Lovejoy: Together, we now sit at the fail-safe point and must decide what to do; collectively, all sectors must embrace the challenges raised by the assessment, rise to action, and do what we must do to ensure a viable future for our living planet and for humans and the extraordinary variety of life with which it and we are blessed.

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